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Wildwood is a publicly owned and operated cemetery that has been serving the Town of Winchester and the surrounding region since 1844.

Rates for Graves & Lots

RATES EFFECTIVE: November 1, 2015 BY VOTE OF SELECTMEN RATES FOR GRAVE LOTS Single Grave, One Interment, Mixed Use Area $2,200.00 Single Grave, Two Interments, Monument Area $3,200.00 Single Grave, One Interment, Flat Marker Area $1,650.00 Single Grave, Two Interments, Flat Marker Area $2,500.00 Mixed Area, Two Interments,(monument/marker) $3,200.00 A former long-time resident (10 years) may (with proof of residency) purchase up to two graves (one double-depth grave or two single-depth side-by-side graves) at double the price. Change grave from single depth to double depth $1,700.00 *Providing that it can be done in said area. PRICES FOR DELL GRAVES Garden Path Niches – Room for burial of 1-4 Urns $5,050.00 Garden Slope Niches – Room for burial of 1-4 Urns $4,150.00 Garden Memorial Niches – Room for burial of 1 Urn $1,200.00 FOUNDATION FEES For monuments $ 175.00 For markers $ 125.00

Cemetery Rules

The Rules and Regulations regarding burials, headstones, plantings and any other pertinent information is available at our office or online for download.

Office Hours

The secretary is in the office on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (lunch 12-1).

Driving directions to Wildwood

Wildwood Cemetery is located at: 34 Palmer Street, Winchester, MA., 01890-1778

Columbarium Niche Wall

located in the Dell


January 2021 News
As of January 15th - please note that all Christmas/Holiday decorations are subject to be removed as weather permits by February 14, 2021.  Please remove any personal property that you wish to preserve.
If you are interested in purchasing a grave, please stop by our office for further information or call 781-721-7142.

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