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Click here to search cemetery records that are publicly listed on CemeteryFind. Cemetery records are managed and updated by each cemetery. All searches are free for the public.

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Click here if you would like to create a CemeteryFind Records Management & Mapping account for your cemetery. All CemeteryFind accounts are secure and private. A "public search" feature allows your cemetery to make specific burial and mapping information available to the public.

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CemeteryFind Features and Services - For Cemetery Owners

Records Management

Easy-to-use database customized to your specific needs, with a wide variety of data fields. Find records instantly!

  • View scanned paper records and computer files in one seamless, easy-to-use records management system
  • Easily add new lot sales and burials

Cemetery Mapping

Your paper or CAD cemetery maps are easily linked to burials and lot owners for easy "map-it" and "navigation".

  • Works on smartphones, tablets and PC's
  • Commonly used by office staff, funeral homes and the public to search new burials and availale lots as well as historical records.

Document Scanning

Safe & secure on-site scanning to computerize burial cards, lot cards, ledger books, deeds, maps, and more.

  • Equipped to scan at any cemetery, anywhere in the U.S.
  • All scanned records can be merged with a new CemeteryFind search database so you never have to give up your old paper records

Access and update your cemetery records and mapping in the cloud

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Feedback - From Actual Customers

Since Fairview Cemetery began using the CemeteryFind system, it's been great peace of mind knowing all our records are up to date, backed up regularly, and web accessible should something ever happen to the hard copies in our office.

- Rick D., Fairview Cemetery

We continue to be happy with the CemeteryFind account. We use the mapping to assist visitors with locating a loved one by providing a printed map...We're also using CemeteryFind in the office as the primary resource to look up burials and lots.

- Mary Anne H., Cedar Hill Cemetery