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Cloud based cemetery records mangement

About Us

CemeteryFind is powered by Docufree. Since 1992, we have specialized in records management. Our services include: cemetery records scanning for cards-books-maps, PC and cloud based records management and mapping. Our mapping and records search works on any internet ready device on any operating system - iOS (apple), Android, Windows - and works on; PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

Since 1992, CemeteryFind has been computerizing records for cemeteries. Using input from those cemeterians, and our hands-on knowledge, in 2007 we created the cloud-based; Now, any cemetery can have a cloud based solution that gives them the freedom to make edits and add new records from any computer or smartphone - anytime, anywhere. We continue to work closely with our customers to find new ways to make CemeteryFind the most robust system in the industry. When we make enhancements for one account, we implement them into all CemeteryFind accounts, to enhance every user's experience. has a free public search utility that will host any size cemetery's records. It also has a secured web-based records management package that includes:

  • Scanned deceased and lot cards linked to computer records
  • Mapping of lot owners and deceased names to cemetery map
  • Secured password account for each cemetery

Access and update your cemetery records and mapping in the cloud

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